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Customer:  Alex P.

Car:  2003 Chev. Cavalier Z24

Story. Alex prides himself on taking the path less travelled when it comes to modifying his Z24.  Rather than do the same ole “bolt an M62 onto your Ecotec” , Alex decided to go a slightly different route & transplant the entire LSJ engine from a Cobalt SS into his car & tackle all the headaches that come along with it.  It was an uphill battle getting this swap together & running well, but it all came together in the end.

Mods.  It would probably be less time consuming to list what Alex HASN’T done to this car.  But the Coles Notes version is as follows.

2.0L LSJ Supercharged Ecotec from a Cobalt SS

2.8″ pulley on the ported M62 supercharger.

LS1 throttle body.

Ported head.

Comp blower grind cams with Supertech valve springs

60 lb injectors

Badmab header

Catback exhaust


Meth. injection.

Custom crank trigger wheel to make the LSJ run on the Cavalier PCM.

So after 4 different days working on the tuning of this unique swap, getting all the bugs worked out of it it came time to see what all his work rewarded him with as far as WOT power goes.  On a conseravtively rich tune, Alex’s project put down a pretty respectable amount of steam!

Virtual Dyno generated a result of 272 whp!  Definitely a thrill ride in a 2600 lb car!


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