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Customer: Athan and Sarah

Car: 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier LD9 w/ LG0 cams


Athan and Sarah’s Cavalier had a blown motor in it. After some deliberation, a spare motor would find its way into it, but not before getting some serious bolt-ons and upgrades.


Stage 4 Port and Polish

2.3L Quad 4 Cam towers with LGO cams

Clevite 2.3 Quad 4 35mm lifters

1mm stainless steel valves

HO valve springs

HO valve Retainers

Felpro engine Gasket Set

Borred out 57mm TB

Pacesetter header

Custom 2.25 catback with flowmaster muffler

RK Sport polyureathaine upper engine mount insert

RK Sport lower engine mount

RK Sport Underdrive Crank Pulley

Ac delete pulley

H.O. 32lb Injectors

Adjustable fuel pressure regulator with tapped gauge

AEM Short ram intake with aem filter

Power steering removed

Virtual Dyno results,  162 whp & 157 ft/lbs.
Customer’s Comments:
l had the car tuned by Shane, we had put a stock 2.4 with a mild port polish, LGO Cams, and bolt-on’s just to get a idea of what kind of numbers it could make and l was happy with the outcome. Since then we put back the built head and are excited to see the new numbers it will make. Overall the tuning by Shane was done VERY well and I cant wait for you to re-tune my baby.

One Comment

  1. ive got a 97 2.4 where did u get the ac delete pulley


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