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Owner : Brady T

Vehicle : ’12 Sierra Vortec 4800.

Story :  Brady recently picked up a 2012 GMC Sierra 4X4 with a 4.8 Vortec V8 in it.  His previous Sierra that we tuned for him is apparently still running strong with the original engine and transmission with in excess of 400,000 kms on it, so he felt it was a no brainer to bring his latest truck over for the same treatment.  He had the same requests as most, relax the torque management, firm up the shifts, squeeze whatever extra power out of it we could on 87 octane.



After setting about getting the transmission functioning as he wanted it to, we spent a little time coaxing some extra power out of it.

Being an identical powertrain to another customers truck, we used the calibration from that truck as a baseline for Brady’s truck……..only to find that it reacted totally different in Brady’s truck!  So after a couple hours of tinkering we zero’d in on what Brady’s truck wanted & had it generating very similar results to the other truck.  Goes to show that even on a stock vehicle, a generic “tune” just isn’t good enough if you want to extract maximum, safe power from your truck……datalogging & evaluating the truck’s performance and making adjustments accordingly is the only way to do so.

Stock vs tuned

So after a few hours of fiddling, Brady’s truck picked up a solid 12 ft/lbs of torque through most of the midrange, & 7 – 8 whp up top…..a nice pick up!




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