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Customer: Brandon G.

Vehicle:  2003 Pontiac Grand Am 4 dr 2.2 Ecotec

Modifications:  Air intake.

Story:  After having such impressive results from Brandon’s truck, he wanted to see what could be done with his Grand Am…..he described it as “lazy”.  Clearly we weren’t going to see the kind of gains we did with his truck, & this one would be getting tuned on 87 octane fuel too.

After spending some time tweaking the transmission to alleviate the lazy feel the car had we went out to see what sort of WOT power could be squeezed out.

On 87 octane fuel the results are about what we’ve come to expect from the L61 Ecotec.  +6 whp, + 6 ft/lbs.

Stock vs Tuned

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