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Owner:  Derek P.

Vehicle :  2007 Chev Colorado 3.7L I5

Story:  Derek was referred to us by a friend to help him resolve some issues brought on by the installation of his K&N intake.  After dealing with the intake issues, we proceeded to see what kind of extra power the I5 would give up, as well as giving the auto trans. a little enhancement.


K&N Intake

Cat-back exhaust system

Custom tuned by Innovative Tuning


Derek brought his truck to us & had it tuned on 87 octane as this is his daily driver.

With the factory tune in the truck, Virtual Dyno gave us a result of 215 whp & 202 ft/lbs.

After tuning Virtual Dyno spit out a final number of 217 whp & 207 ft/lbs.

Now if you were to look strictly at the peak numbers, that doesn’t really seem all that significant, but looking at the rest of the torque curve shows an average gain of about 10-11 ft/lbs above & below the torque peak.  And given that this was done on 87 octane, the results become a little more impressive.

Stock vs Tuned




  1. What issues were brought on by the intake?


  2. When the owner originally installed the intake on his truck, he immediately got a check engine light, transmission shifting went south on him, and fuel economy went alarmingly bad too. Friends & Internet forums diagnosed the problem as the truck needed to be tuned for the new intake (which can be true in some cases), which is when he was referred to me. As soon as I started to datalog his truck it became clear right away that something was very wrong with the MAF. Further investigation revealed that he had inadvertently installed the MAF backwards causing all the issues. Installing the MAF correctly resolved the issues, and tuning commenced.


  3. Thanks for the reply.

    I will be putting my CAI on as soon as it shows up and then it’s exhaust and programming. Do you guys’ do remote tuning? I live in Canada so I won’t be able to make it to you. I am trying to decide which option is the best for changing pcm. Any recommendations for my 07 i5 3.7L would be greatly appreciated.




  4. I’m located in central Ontario. Hit the contact button at the top of the page for details.


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