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Owner : Gary F.

Car : ’05 Sunfire

Story:  Gary, like many of the other owners of Cavaliers & Sunfires that have bolted on the Eaton M62 supercharger, simply wanted to get everything out of it that could be had.  If a little boost is good, more must be better!  Initially Gary’s plan was to attempt to run a 2.8″ pulley on the car, & proceeded to install all the supporting modifications that he felt necessary to do so.  Unfortunatley after the initial tune was done on Gary’s car, it became evident that the car was not happy with that small of a pulley on it.  Subsequently, a 3.0″ pulley has been installed, & the car is now running strong!


-custom Innovative Tuning tune
-stock internals
-gmpp blower
-3.0 pulley
-Gm heat exchanger system w/ cxracing exchanger
-62mm T.B
-Cold air intake
-Cooling mist meth injection
-60lbs Siemens flow-matched injectors

Numbers:  Gary hasn’t had the car on the track or the dyno since the 3.0 pulley & tune were done, but hopefully he’ll see an improvement on the cars previous best 1/4 mile time of 14.7, & best dyno run of 200 whp.

Customer Comments:

“as for the re-flash, u can really feel the diff. now that i’ve been hammering her”

 “very happy with it man.  She’s got plenty of balls, runs, drives and shifts great.  Thanks man!

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