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Customer: Jason N.

Car: 2006 Chevrolet Impala SS 5.3L LS4.


Jason’s thoughts about getting some extra power started not long after buying his 4 dr. sedan on steriods.   He put a plan together on what he wanted to do to it & got started not long afterwards! 


Dual Magnaflow mufflers.

K&N FIPK intake.

ZZP U-bend delete pipe.

Custom tune by Innovative Tuning.


Jason brought his car over before getting too far into modifying it to get a baseline with Virtual Dyno.  Our first run with the car on Virtual Dyno the car was equipped with only the dual Magnaflow mufflers.  The car was pretty stout for a basically stock LS4!

262 whp & 268 ft/lbs was better than expected!

Jason had a K&N FIPK in the trunk that he had us install for him hoping to up those numbers a bit.

After installation we went out again & ran the car with Virtual Dyno.  The results weren’t quite what we were hoping for.  Looking at the datalogs from the Virtual Dyno run showed that the slight improvement in airflow was just enough to make the PCM read from a different row of the car’s timing tables causing a reduction in timing of approx. 2 deg.  This unfortunately wound up netting a loss of power of 6 whp & 5 ft/lbs.  A bit of a disappointment, but the loss of timing will get rectified when the car receives a custom tune in a few weeks.

Next up will be ZZP’s U-bend delete pipe.  Hopefully we’ll have opportunity to run the car again with Virtual Dyno once the U-bend delete pipe is installed, &  prior to tuning the car to see what this mod does for the car.

ZZP’s U-bend delete pipe looks to be a noticeable improvement to the stock exhaust system.

We finally got a bit of a break in the ridiculous heat we’ve been having lately…..was only 82 def. F. the evening we took the car out again to see where it stands now after tuning it.  Car seems a little happier now!

Jason assured me that his Impala is his baby & that he NEVER abuses it………LOL!  At least he’s enjoying it!


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