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Cutomer : Jean F.

Car : ’04 Sunfire


Jean learned the hard way why tuning is so important when you begin to modify a vehicle.  Unfortunately, Jean got a little carried away with the pulley size on his supercharged L61 without have the car tuned accordingly.  The results speak for themselves.

Not eager to have history repeat itself, Jean acquired a replacement engine, but for good measure (not to mention a SIGNIFICANT increase in power), he added a set of Comp Cams XE252BH blower grind cams to the engine before installing the new engine in the car.  Combined with the Eaton M62 supercharger, 60 lb injectors, Pacesetter header…….& most importantly, an Innovative Tuning custom tune, Jeans car is making some very impressive power & doing so safely this time around!


-Induction dynamic’s intake

-GMPP Supercharger kit

-Smooth flow 3.0” pulley

-Custom meth injection kit

-Comp Cam blower cams

-Supertech 78# valve springs

-Cobra Heat exchanger

-Bully stage 3 clutch (6 puck)

-Pacesetter header
-Magnaflow high flow cat
-Magnaflow camaro style muffler
-2 Magnaflow single tips
-Painted cam cover

-2004 Chevy cavalier front clip
-17” Riax rims (6 spoke with polished lip)

-20% Tint all around
-8000k ignited HID kit

-Custom LED TYC tail lights with amber flashers

-Shaved spoiler

-Door visors and Rear window visor
-B&M short throw shifter
-03-05 Cavalier HVAC knobs
-Corbeau racing seats

-215/45ZR17 General Exclame UPH

-Eibach rear sway bar
-Vibrant front and rear strut bars
-Prothane Poly LCA Bushings
-Tokico d-specs struts

-Grand am steering rack

-Panasonic deck
-XM radio
-Infinity Kappa door speakers
-Infinity kappa rear speakers
-MTX TC 4004

-2 10″ Infinity reference Subs

-Ported box

-MTX TC 3001

-Hit 137.7 DBs


-Lip kit:

– RK sport front lip and Import fighter sides


– 03 Zed front and sides

-18” Rims

-Wheel spacers all around


Prior to the new engine, cams, proper tune Jean’s car made 200 whp & 172 ft/lbs of torque.  His current setup should easily surpass that number if the seat of the pants improvements are any indication!  His best 1/4 mile time on the old setup was a 14.2 sec. pass.

Jean plans to have the car on the dyno later this fall.

Update Sept. 24/2010.

Jean’s car hit the dyno today!  Virtual Dyno generated results of 238 whp & 211 ft/lbs, but Jean wanted to see how accurate that really was.

2013 Dyno



As you can see below, thats a pretty accurate result!  Actual dyno results were 239 whp & 204 ft/lbs.


Jean has picked up 4o whp & 33 ft/lbs over his previous best!  The car pulled 240 whp & 205 ft/lbs.  At that, the hp curve was still heading for the sky at the point the pull was ended, so the car had more left in it!  The only changes between his previous best dyno run & the current one are the addition of the Comp Cams, & an Innovative Tuning custom in car tune.  That is a significant improvement!  This was even done on the same 3.0 inch pulley!

This result also makes Jean #1 in the dyno rankings  on for a boosted Ecotec.  Well done Jean!

Jean has also improved his track time to a 13.9 @ 102 mph.

Update June 12, 2011.

Jean got back to the track today.  He has improved his personal best in this car to a 13.5 @ 101 mph.  This result puts Jean #13 on the for Ecotec’s with power adders.

Update Sept 25, 2011

Jean has improved his personal best to a 13.22!  This result makes Jean the 2nd fastest supercharged Ecotec on the!Well done Jean!


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