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Customer: Jeff M

Car: 2006 Pontiac G5 Pursuit GT 2.4L LE5

Story: Jeff’s car was the first LE5 tuned by Innovative Tuning. It is just INSANE how well it took to adjustment in the tune. Just about everything you throw at it is an improvement.


INJEN cold air Intake

TWM short throw shifter

Canuck Motor Sports lowering springs 2” front and rear

KONI yellow Shocks and struts fully adjustable

Maxxis MA-Z1 Victra’s 225/45/zr17

EBC front and rear rotors

Pacesetter long tube header

Custom down pipe made by

Magnaflow Polished muffler w/ stock tip

Dynomax 2.5″ cutout

Tuned by Innovative tuning

Royal Purple 5w30

AEM wideband o2 sensor and Gauge


So far the car has turned a best 1/4 mile time of 15.04 @ 94 mph.  This was done with just a basic tune in the car & before the header & downpipe were installed.  This result makes Jeff’s car #5 on for 1/4 mile times with a modified LE5.

Jeff is going back to the track Aug. 7 for the first time since turing the 15.04.  With the VASTLY improved tune, Jeff is expecting considerably improved times.


Jeff has improved his personal best time to a 14.716 @ 94 mph on an unprepped track.  This result moves Jeff up to the #2 position for an LE5 powered Cobalt/G5.

This results also makes Jeff THE fastest normally aspirated Delta on

The dyno chart shown shows what Jeff’s car ran on the stock tune (blue),  what the car ran with a “base” tune in the car (red), & what it ran with a full on performance tune in the car (green).

Tuning along with a Pacesetter header took Jeff’s car from 149 whp & 147 ft/lbs of torque, to 167 whp & 163 ft/lbs of torque!  WOW!  Additionally, Jeff’s tune has been further enhanced from the data aquired from his last runs on the dyno.  Jeff reports that the latest tune in the car is notably faster, dyno numbers will be coming at the end of Apr. to see how that tune performs. 

Update:  Jeff’s car was on the dyno again today.  The graph above shows all of Jeff’s results.

Green : Stock 149 whp/147 ft/lbs

Blue :  Last fall’s tune 166 whp/170 ft/lbs. (cut-out open)

Red : Today’s run 167 whp/163 ft/lbs. (cut out closed)

The significance of the runs from today is the fact that Jeff’s car made the numbers it did WITH THE CUT-OUT CLOSED!  The last time the car was on the dyno the numbers it made were with the cut-out open.   Testing of the effectiveness of the cut-out on a similar powered Ecotec on the same day revealed that the cut-out is worth approx. 9 hp & 14 ft/lbs of torque on these engines at these power levels.

Additionally, going over the data from the dyno runs afterwards revealed where FURTHER enhancements could be made!  An updated version of the tune has been put in Jeff’s car as well as Joe’s Ion.  Both Jeff & Joe reports their cars to be performing significantly better still!

Customer Comments:

Well, I love the car. Although Shane did make the car more enjoyable to me; it’s great in the corners, the straight always, etc. It’s a shame the delta platform will be cut in 2011…
Jeff M.
Alas, Jeff’s G5 has moved on to a new home.  Hopefully the new owner will enjoy it as much as Jeff did.

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