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Customer.   Justin J.

Car.  2011 Chev. Colorado 4X4 3.7L

Story.  Justin brought his truck to us in the hopes that we could help his truck with its terrible transmission performance, erratic engine performance (performing reasonably well one day, like garbage the next), & hopefully pick up some fuel economy & maybe a little extra power while we were at it.

Modifications.  Absolutely none…..right down to the stock paper filter.  This truck is as it left the factory.

Numbers.  After spending a considerable amount of time sorting out the trucks shift strategy, torque management calibration, part throttle timing maps etc we spent some time spicing up its WOT performance too.

After a few runs with Virtual Dyno we wound up with 200 whp & 199 ft./lbs.  Pretty impressive performance for a bone stock 4X4 truck on 87 octane.

Final results.

Customer comments.  

Everything is great, truck is running 100x better then before, such a huge difference.
Thanks so much for the work.  I’ll let you know how the fuel mileage goes!”


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