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Customer:  Kyle B.

Car:  2007 Saturn Ion L61 auto.

Story:  Kyle’s first efforts at modifying his car weren’t a complete success to start with.  Kyle decided to install a cold air intake on his car as his first mod. & picked up a K&N intake originally meant for a Cobalt as there isn’t one made for the Saturn.   As Kyle was soon to find out, this doesn’t work without a custom tune to go along with it & was having Check Engine lights for all sorts of reasons.  Additionally, the transmission shifting went horribly wrong as well.  Not a good introduction to modifying cars!  Fortunately, a friend refered him to us to resolve the issues brought on by his intake.


K&N Intake

LE5 exhaust manifold.

Custom down pipe with high flow cat.


When we first ran Kyle’s car with the factory tune & K&N intake installed, the car ran horribly lean, so the run was aborted rather than pull all the way to redline, but in any case, it was quite apparent the car was struggling & not making good power.  The Virtual Dyno results showed 114 whp & 110 ft/lbs.  Kyle likely LOST power by installing his intake!  Assuming a 20% loss through the automatic transmission that would equate to approx. 143 hp & 138 ft/lbs at the crank vs. the 145 hp & 150 ft/lbs the Ion was rated at.

A few pulls later with the fueling & timing straightened out the results are much better.

130 whp & 127 ft/lbs!  A gain of 16 whp & 17 ft/lbs!  Assuming the same 20% drivetrain loss through the auto, Kyle’s crank numbers should be approx. 163 hp & 159 ft/lbs…..a VERY nice improvement.

Additionally, the transmission is finally working as Kyle wanted it to.  Nice quick, but smooth shifts.

May 5, 2013

Today Kyle brought his car back to us to have us due a little tune up on his tune after the modifications he performed over the winter (an LE5 intake manifold & shorty header were installed)  The tune wasn’t very far out….just enough to merit a slight tweak.

Spring 2013

The car definitely has gained some top end power over last year, pulling strongly to 6400 rpm now instead of falling off above 5800 rpm as it used to!  136 whp is a very respectable result considering that is through Kyle’s automatic transmission.  That would easily be 140 whp+ in a manual transmission car.

Update May 21, 2013

Kyle has decided to move on & is putting his baby up for sale.  For more information on the car contact us & we will put you in touch with Kyle.


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