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Owner : Kyle M

Car:  ’99 Sunfire 2200 OHV

Story:  After installing numerous bolt on modifications to his car, Kyle wanted to ensure everything was running correctly, & that he was getting the maximum potential out of his mods.  A custom in car tune  brought everything together for him.


2.2l OHV
Full fiberglass handmade modified body kit
Artic white paint job
Performance stainless steel headders and down pipe
Intake resonator box delete
Long ram air intake (filter in bumper)
Ractive super flow filter
Pioneer deck
Clarion speakers
1000w kicker sub
Performance tuned by Innovative tuning
Iridum plugs
Aftermarket plug wires
A/c delete
Front strut bar
Virtual Dyno results,  109 whp & 137 ft/lbs., vs. 101 whp & 131 ft/lbs untuned.  A gain of 8 whp & 6 ft/lbs.
This run also hadn’t had the timing increased to what I would normally run in an LN2 car.  Issues with the car’s knock sensor prevented the car from seeing full timing.  I would expect to have seen probably another 3-4 whp with some extra timing.
Assuming a 15% loss through the manual transmission, crank numbers would translate to 128 hp & 161 ft/lbs.  Quite an improvement from a stock LN2’s 115 hp & 135 ft/lbs.

The LN2 seems to have taken to tuning nicely.   While doing our pulls in third gear tuning the car, datalogging shows the car to be 3/4 sec. quicker from 60 – 130 km/hr than the stock tune.  That is significant!

Customer Comments:

“Just wanted to say great job on the tune – very noticable acceleration and torque upgrades.”

“I have noticed an increase in fuel economy!  Before the tune I was getting around 23 mpgs.  After the tune i have noticed a 3-4 mpg increase in fuel effeciancy putting me up at 26-27 mpgs. AND THATS DRIVING THE SHIT OUTA IT. If I babied it I bet I would see another couple mpgs.


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