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Customer:  Landon T.

Vehicle:  2010 GMC Sierra 1500 Extra Cab 4X4 5.3 V8

Modifications:  MBRP catback

K&N drop in filter




Landon recently purchased this truck already equipped with a level kit on it & LT275/70R18 tires on it.  While he loved the truck he quickly became alarmed at the thirst the truck had with the rather large tires on it…..that’s where we came in.  Landon was referred to us to by another former customer of ours to see if there wasn’t anything that could be done to help his situation.  After spending some time recalibrating the truck’s shift points & speedo calibration, the fuel economy has improved considerably, so we then went about seeing what extra steam we could coax out of the truck @ full throttle.

As we’ve come to expect with these GM trucks, it responded quite nicely picking up a fair bit of power.

Stock vs Tuned

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