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Customer: Matt L

Car: 2009 GMC Sierra 4X4 Z71 5.3L


Story: When Matt first bought his truck, he really didn’t have many complaints.  The longer he had the truck though, the more the little detail stuff started to aggravate him.  Stuff like the really sluggish shifting, always feeling like it was upshifting too soon & lugging, & the real annoyance…..Active Fuel Management.  Finally after having AFM cutting in & out on him while he was trying to tow his boat, he got fed up & pulled the trigger on having a full custom tune done to resolve everything that was annoying him!

Modifications: At this point the only modification Matt has done to the truck is a K&N drop in replacement filter.

Numbers:  I’m a little surprised at how strongly Matt’s truck ran…even in stock form.

Bone stock we saw a result of 258 whp & 298 ft/lbs.


Adding a K&N drop in filter saw the numbers change to 268 whp & 294 ft/lbs, with the gains only really showing above 4700 rpm.

Stock vs K&N Weight Corrected

After an evening of tweaking things really came around with an end result of 282 whp & 311 ft/lbs.  Quite a surprising result!  Even more surprising is that this was done on 87 octane!!!

Stock with K&N vs Tuned

Of course all the issues that were bothering Matt have been resolved. Nice quick firm shifts,  4 cyl mode no longer kicks on unless Matt is cruising along above 80 km/hr, no more lugging around in 1 gear too high.  The truck is a genuine pleasure to drive again.


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