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Customer:  Nick C.

Vehicle:   2011 GMC Sierra 1500 Extra Cab 4X4 4.8L V8.


Modifications: Other than a K&N drop in replacement filter, Nick’s truck is as it left the factory.

As is the case with most owners of full size GM trucks, Nick didn’t care for the transmission performance of his new truck & requested that that be dealt with along with squeezing whatever performance we could out of his truck on the 87 octane he had in the tank.

This was the first truck we had a swing at that was equipped with Variable Cam Timing & were pleasantly surprised at the torque the truck made….very strong results for a 4.8L!!

Stock vs Done


We’re a little suspicious that the truck would have made even more steam had the truck had better fuel in it.  Datalogging showed an ethanol percentage of 16% while we were datalogging his truck!  Significantly higher than the “Up to 10%” the sticker at the gas station promised!

All in all Nicks truck is a much more pleasant vehicle to drive, & packing a pretty good punch now too!

Customers comments.

“Truck drives so much nicer”

“I got just under 559 km to the tank. I couldn’t even break 500 before so needless to say I’m very pleased with that.


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