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Customer:  Nick C.

Vehicle:   2012 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali Crew Cab 4X4 6.2L V8.


Modifications: AEM dry flow filter with modular intake tube.  Long tube headers.

As with Nick’s previous truck, he wanted the shifting firmed up considerably.  Beyond that, he just wanted all the MPG’s and power that could be squeezed out of it, but this time on 91 octane.

Boy did the 6.2 L deliver!!

In stock form the ignition timing was very conservative & erratic…..same situation for fuel delivery.  The truck would just nose over above 5000 rpm.

Several pulls later with the timing map cleaned up, fuel delivery dialed in and a few tweaks to the VVT the truck rewarded us with + 27 whp & + 8 ft/lbs.


The transformation in this truck is absolutely remarkable and has become an absolute pleasure to drive!

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