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Customer : Pat P.

Car: 1999 GMC Sierra 1500 4.3 V6


Story :  Pat recently purchased this truck from an older gentleman about 6 months ago and has been slowly spending his time & money fixing up the little details & customizing the truck to make it his own.  Pat contacted us wanting to improve the power & fuel economy of the the truck as he felt both were lacking.

May 5, 2013.

So today was to be the big day that Pat was to get his pride & joy custom tuned!

Unfortunately things took a bit of a detour & didn’t quite work out as planned.  Pat did indeed make the trek to come see us, and everything proceeded as expected until we installed the wideband in his truck & went out to do our first run in the truck with the stock calibration in it.  As soon as Pat would put any sort of load to the engine at all the wideband would peg full lean…..uh oh.  Pat apparently has some fuel delivery issues he wasn’t aware of & will be returning at a later date once the issue has been rectified,  to finally have us put our touches on his pcm for him.

Will update later when the issues with the truck are resolved.

July 22, 2013

Well it turns out the truck had a bad MAF !  Pat reports the truck is running much better now & will be returning to finally have the full tune done in the very near future.

Sept.1, 2013

So Pat finally was able to get his truck to us to get a tune done on it!

Pat had a list of things he wanted dealt with.  The speedo needed to be recalibrated as it was WAY off due to the 33″ tires Pat has on his truck.  The tranny wasn’t operating to his liking so he wanted that addressed as well.  The truck also had an unusual tendency to have a sluggish restart when the truck is warm.  After an hour or so, all those issues were ironed out, so we did a few pulls to see what sort of power it put to the ground.  Ultimately the huge tires, belt driven fan & factory exhaust limited its maximum output, but it picked up an amount of power consistent with other V6 trucks we’ve seen.



Customer Comments:

“It is running and shifting great.”

“My fuel mileage seems to be way better than before.”

“It also feels like the truck is on the power curve a lot more when I’m accelerating. Before when it was floored it would go through a gear and up shift than slow down for a bit.


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