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Customer:  Patrice D.

Car:  2006 Chev Colorado 2wd extra cab, manual transmission.


Story:  Patrice brought his truck to us after having to replace his original motor in his truck.  Rather than just put another 3.5L in, he decided to go a different route & install a 3.7L from a 2007 truck.   This obviously necessitated the tune be altered for the new motor, which is where we came into the picture.

Modifications:     3.7L engine in place of the original 3.5L

Cold air intake

Cat-back exhaust

EGR delete

Ported throttle body

Electric fans

Numbers:  When Pat first brought his truck to us we ran it as is with the 3.5L calibration just to see how it was running…..this is a somewhat unique swap & we were curious to see how the vehicle was reacting.

The result was….not good!  While the truck made pretty good power up top, it was running horribly lean (air/fuel ratios in the high 15, low 16 range), & experiencing a considerable amount of knock retard (the 3.5L has a more aggressive spark map than a stock 3.7L calibration).  Virtual Dyno results were 216 whp & 197 ft/lbs.

After getting the truck’s fueling straightened out & dealing with the knock retard up top, things improved nicely.  While the truck actually lost 5 whp due to having to richen the truck up & pull some timing to get rid of the knock retard the truck was experiencing, peak torque jumped to 205 ft/lbs.  At around 4900 rpm, there was actually an improvement of 20 ft/lbs!!

Stock vs Tuned


Patrice reports that the truck is running much better now & his 3.7L swap is now running the way it should!


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