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Customer: Paul K.

Car: 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier 2.2L Ecotec (L61)

Story: Paul’s car, like just about all ecotec powered cars, responds well to modification. We at Innovative Tuning just made it respond even better!

Modifications: (as of 2010)

Tuned by Innovative Tuning
TTR Upper/lower engine mounts
Prothane Tranny mounts
2.4 Ecotec Intake manifold swap
AEM cold air intake
Vibrant Velocity stack
2002 fuel rail
36lb cobalt ss/sc greentop injectors
Comp Cams Stage 1
ZZP 78lb valve springs and retainers
Tsudo Header
B&M Short shifter
M&H DOT slicks
Extensive weight reduction
Eibach Sportlines
KYB AGX adjustable struts


Best 1/4 mile ET 14.58 @ 90mph with 2009’s mods (not the above list)

121 whp, 130 ft/lbs stock (spring 2009)

133 whp, 138 ft/lbs after tune (fall 2009)

This represents a gain of 12whp & 8 ft/lbs from tuning alone.

Update.  Paul’s car has been re-tuned for all the mods done over the winter of 2009-2010.  What a difference!

Dyno numbers will be coming soon!  This car may crack into the 13’s this season!

Update:  Paul’s car hit the dyno today.

153 whp, 134 ft/lbs.  Well done!  Paul’s car will also be getting tweaked slightly for the warm weather soon.  When the car was originally tuned for the cams/injectors etc., it was “see your breath” cold outside.  The mid to high 20 deg. C weather has made the car go to the rich side, so a quick retune is in order before the first race of the season on June 6.

After being re-tuned to lean the car back out again, the final results come in at 156 whp & 134 ft/lbs.

This result makes Paul’s car the 2nd most powerful normally aspirated car on, & #6 on

Paul’s 1/4 mile times from last year place him # 6 for a normally aspirated Ecotec on as well…..that is going to change!

Update :  June 6, 2010.

Paul & his car went to Cayuga to & recorded a new personal best.  Car ran consistent 14.4 ET’s @ 96 MPH.  Well done Paul!

This result has bumped Paul up to number #4 on the for the fastest normally aspirated Ecotec.

Update; Sept. 25, 2010.

Paul ran a new personal best today!  His new best time is now a 14.04 @ 100 mph!   Well done!  13’s soon?

Update July 1, 2011.

Paul came by today to make a few runs to make sure his tune was spot on with his new Ammfab race header installed (it was, no adjustments needed.)  Car has picked up a few ponies vs. the Tsudo header that was on the car previously.

Virtual Dyno results.

Update Apr. 27, 2013

So over the winter, Paul decided to step things up a notch & pulled out the old L61 & replaced it with an LE5 2.4L Ecotec bottom end (rest of the combo is the same as last year) & brought it down tonight to have the new combo dialed in.  Quite an improvement over the old combo!

2011 vs 2013

That elusive 13 sec. pass may just happen this season!

Update June 26, 2015.

Well, it finally happened!  Good work Paul!

13 second slip



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  1. nice car good numbers for NA ECOTEC rulessssss


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