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Customer:  Ron P.

Vehicle: 2008 GMC Sierra Crew Cab 4X4 4.8L V8

08 Sierra

Modifications: Other than a K&N drop in replacement filter, Ron’s truck is as it left the factory.

Ron had a couple of goals that he wanted to achieve when he brought his truck to us.  Like most owners of full size GM trucks, he felt the truck “granny shifted”, & he also had an annoying shift flare during the 2-3 upshift that he wanted us to have a swing at solving for him.

Within an hour or so, Ron’s issues were ironed out, so we went about seeing what sort of extra steam we could coax out of it on the 87 octane fuel he had in the tank.

Stock vs Tuned

Ron now has himself a really strong running 4.8L!  Its now putting almost the same hp to the wheels as a stock 5.3L!

Customer Comments:

“Took the truck to Algonquin last week. Noticed less down shifting on grades and generally better performance with the 4000lb travel trailer behind me. ”

“Trans. shifted nicely since being  tightened up…..Ron. ”

Update Aug. 20, 2014

Ron’s truck was involved in a collision recently…..everybody is OK, but unfortunately the truck has been retired.


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