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Customer: Seann K.

Car: 2011 Chev Colorado Z71 4X4 Extra Cab 5.3 V8



Story:  Sean just recently bought this truck & is in the process of doing some modifications to make it his own.  He didn’t have anything specifically in mind when he brought the truck to us, he just knew he wanted it better.

Modifications: None…..this truck is as it left the factory, right down to the paper filter (which is getting tossed in favour of a K&N this week I’m told)

So with that in mind we dove in & started with the usual transmission tweaks (relaxed torque management, quickened shift times etc), made sure the fueling was in tolerance, addressed any knock retard issues the truck had during normal cruise (I was actually surprised at the amount of knock retard this truck had during cruise)…….we did the usual stuff.

Then it came time to tweak the wide open throttle performance.  First pull revealed a ton of knock retard…..this was going to take some work to straighten out!  After a couple of hours of tweaking the truck is finally pulling knock free all through the rpm range now & sporting a little extra oomph to boot.

Stock vs. Tuned



Stock the truck put down 242 whp & 273 ft/lbs of torque.  After an afternoon of tweaking we got a best pull of 251 whp & 278 ft/lbs.

91 octane fuel would make a considerable improvement with these trucks in stock form (although with the V8 & a 4.10 rear end the truck has quite an appetite for fuel, making Seann’s decision to run 87 octane very understandable).  I would think some exhaust work would help matters tremendously as well to reduce to trucks tendency to knock.  While under the truck installing the wideband o2 sensor for tuning purposes, I noted that the exhaust system is definitely on the small side (very similar in size to the 5 cylinder trucks….it may well be the same exhaust.

At the end of the day though Seann has a truck sporting 250+ whp now, with a much nicer shifting transmission, an engine that isn’t detonating all the time now, & to quote Seann “It doesn’t feel sluggish anymore.”

Hopefully we’ll see this truck again as Seann progresses with his modifications!



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