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Customer: Rob O.

Car: 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 w/ 4T40E Automatic


This was the first car tuned by Innovative Tuning that was not owned by them. The tune has been updated  and tweaked to maximize further mods done by Rob over the years he has owned it.


For the most part, basic bolt-ons. Vibrant cat-back exhaust, Bomz Racing WAI, etc. Apart from the cam swap and tune, the car isn’t far from stock. Rob is currently running a second LD9 intake cam in place of the exhaust cam to take advantage of the extra lift and duration of a spare intake cam he had lying around.  This was a somewhat unique cam swap originating right here at Innovative Tuning!  To read about it visit the the

Rob’s car has also picked up a fantastic sound after the cam swap….definitely much meaner sounding!


1/4 mile time – 15.6 @88 MPH (this time was before the cam swap)

130WHP, 131WTQ

260,000 km

Rob has finally given in & retired his Z24 recently.  Rob is going to miss it.


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