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Customer:  Stacy D.

Car:  2007 Cobalt L61 2.2 Ecotec


Story:  Not really much of a story here….Stacey just plain wanted to squeeze every last bit of power out of his Cobalt, & maybe pick up a little fuel economy.

Modifications:  At this point Stacey has installed a K&N intake system on his car & has had the OE muffler replaced with a Magnaflow muffler.

Numbers:   With the OE calibration, the car put down a respectable 130 whp & 132 ft/lbs.

2007 Cobalt New Cat

After a couple hours of tweaking and working away at coaxing everything the Cobalt had in it, the end result was a nice improvement!

2007 Tuned

The pick up in torque was  a bit of a surprise.  We  were really expecting hp to be the big improvement, but we’ll take a pick up in torque any day of the week….torque is what you really feel.

Update Apr. 24, 2014.

Back when we first did the tune on Stacey’s car, the car didn’t want to take the amount of timing that we’ve normally been able to get the Ecotec’s to tolerate…..something was making the knock sensor angry & we needed to figure out what.  We simply ran out of time & agreed to look into the matter at a later time when our schedules allowed.  Well today was that day!  After rummaging around under the hood for a bit, it was discovered that the heat shield from the K&N intake was rubbing on the motor mount during full throttle.  The resulting noise from the metal on metal contact was sending the knock sensor into a nervous breakdown, which is what we observed when we initially tuned the car.

Now that we have that issue resolved, the car is running the timing map we usually run in the Ecotecs with no issues & has picked up some steam!  At one point in the rpm range we picked up 6 whp.

Definitely a worthwhile evening!

Apr 24 Revisions



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