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We have some items available around the garage.  Below is a listing of what we have.


A 65mm L36 throttle body.  Fits Series II 3800 normally aspirated engines.

Has been completely dis-assembled, cleaned, media blasted, & painted.

IAC & TPS included, no MAF.

Asking $50.



1 Pair of Vortec SBC heads 



Heads have been completely disassembled, cleaned, inspected, valves lapped in & are ready to go.

Includes full set of self aligning rocker arms and valve covers.


SBC Isky Racing Cam

Hydraulic flat tappet.

RPM-Range: 2500-6800
Value Lift Int/Ext: .415/.415
Value Lash Hot Int/Ext: .000/.000
ADV Duration Int/Ext: 280/280
.050 Duration Int/Ext: 240/240
Lobe Center: 106









One Comment

  1. Hello, Anyone be interested in a catback stock exhaust off of an 2010 sierra crew cab it is in one piece no cuts have been made


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