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See what kind of power your vehicle actually makes!

We’ve had such good success using Virtual Dyno, we’ve decided to provide this service to our customers.

If your vehicle is listed in our supported vehicles page & you would like to run your car on Virtual Dyno, contact us to find out how.  Even if your vehicle isn’t list, we may be able to help you in some instances.

Update Feb 14, 2012.

We have just ordered a new interface/software package that “should” allow us to run almost any car with Virtual Dyno.  Testing will comence shortly.

Update Feb. 25, 2012

Testing of our new interface/software package has been going well.   We’ve been able to connect and datalog every vehicle we’ve attempted with it so far.  It appears that we should be able to use Virtual Dyno on pretty much any OBDII compliant vehicle.

$30 for 2 runs.  Dyno only.

$40 for 2 runs with wideband O2 sensor readings.

$50 for 2 runs with wideband O2 sensor readings & full datalogs from runs supplied.

To learn more about Virtual Dyno,



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